Review of the first four visits can be viewed here and this short diary of events for the 5th visit contain SPOILERS:





The first loop followed Romola (Katie Lusby) and soon picked her up as she got her instruction to become a secretary. As she completed some of her secretarial tasks, she was diverted to Stanford in the basement with a package. She was subsequently called to be in a scene with Conrad and had an encounter with the Doctor in the corridor. Having been made up by the costume lady in  bruises and blood, she ran through the main street and had a 1to1 in the motel reception where she gave me the car key and wrote her name on my arm. Then she dragged me into the car where she crashed and died. After a while, the gate keeper came to take her bag to her trailer and she went back to her trailer for another 1to1 where she mistook me as Bobby and gave a shot of whiskey to drink. She then got evicted by Badland Jack and cleaned herself up and repeat the loop.

The second half attempt to follow the Fool was foiled by another audience member. But I managed to get the Dust witch’s (the beautiful Katie McGuinness with her piercing eyes) 1to1 which is an intense blindfolded experience about a story of the Sandman. Then I came across the new character Mr Tuttle (Mateo Oxley) the toyshop owner and had his 1to1 where my hand was used to smear slimy red paint on the wall.

So all in all and good experience with Romola loop and 1to1. Still looking forward to follow the Fool on my next visit.



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