Review of the first three visits can be viewed here and this short diary of events for the 4th visit contain SPOILERS:




This visits started with following the Assistant to Ms Grey played by Fania Grigoriou. I picked her up just at the end of the first loop in Dolores’ (Jane Leaney) bedroom and the journey takes me to the her multiple tasks of resetting drinks, costumes, preparing invite and gift. Her loop contains two 1:1 and although I had the privilege to see her first one with the manikin and a surprise visit by the Doctor (Rob McNeill), the second one was snatched right in front of me as another person sneaked in front of me as she heads to the 1:1 room. But as I walked towards the side dressing room off the main dressing room, Conrad (Adam Burton) was just dashing in with no one following him. So I walked in and he closed the door behind him for a pleasant, unexpected 1:1. However, Conrad did have to kick another audience member hiding in the back of the room which was a little amusing. The rest of the Assistant loop involved me taking the gold watch to Marshall and a kiss on my wrist and a separate moment in the basement being kissed on neck. I can only apologise to Fania for my sweaty neck because of all the rushing around keeping up. In the third loop, I caught part of Andrea’s (Miranda Mac Letten, possibly) loop as she finished her scene with Wendy and her dance on the caravan, then being called up for the casting with William (Omar Gordon) in front of Claude Estee (River Carmalt).

The Assistant’s loop brings a lot of the finer detail of the plot to the fore with the drugs, invite and her scheming, especially when she brought Wendy into the Dolores room whilst Marshall was in bed with her. Also worth noting is the structure of the show that the top sand floor and the basement are practically unused in the last part of the show so to “divert” people towards the ground floor for the finale.


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