Review of the first two visits can be viewed here and this short diary of events for the 3rd visit contain SPOILERS:



There are yet more discoveries to be made and new rooms found since my last visit and the scope of the production still manages to impress. The first hour is spent mostly with the character Stanford (Sam Booth) the film studio boss and rewarded with a one to one in a small room with a tree. Call me paranoid, but I swear at the end of the one to one the actor Sam Booth shouted my name out which may be due to my involvement with the Drowned Man Spoiler group on Facebook. Little research after shows that Booth is in fact a member of the spoiler group and added by myself into the group. So i guess it is possible that he knows my name, especially with my mask off during the one to one. The Stanford loop is quite a good storyline to follow as it takes you to quite a few big set pieces especially the orgy, the dancing wooden desk scene and the theatrically lit doctor examination with Stanford spying from behind the cinema screen. There was also the pleasure of the Grocer’s (Ffion CoxDavies) one to one and sadly pushed away by the dust witch even though I was practically under the door frame of the unlocked door to the one to one. I am still puzzled as to who most of the female characters are as they are sometimes quite difficult to distinguish if you just happen to walk past them without context. I shall study the characters more carefully before my next visit which will be in a week’s time.


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