Review of the first five visits can be viewed from the link below and this short diary of events for the 6th visit contain SPOILERS:


The first loop is spent following The Fool (Francois Testory) and found him at the dressing table. We head to the tent to cheer up Lila and piece together a script with a map at the back. This takes us to the sound room and record the drowning sound in a watertank. Next stop is the Orgy scene through the curtains via putting a folder into the wooden desk in the smaller chequerboard room and Stanford dressing room. I am invited to watch the orgy through the curtains and dragged away back to the dressing room where he reapplied his make-up. A quick dace in the snow area and send Marshall away and another dance with Andrea (?) around the dressing area. After diverting most people to follow the main characters, I am taken to his caravan and told a story about a young boy. What follows would have been extremely scary had it not been the good work from the spoiler group who has mentioned the dead horse in the car park countless times. It was a clever misdirection on the way to distract you away from it and then all of a sudden in front of you. But knowing what is about to happen really does take quite a lot away from the impact of the scene.

The second half is a mixture of Badland Jack and attempts to get his 1 to 1. It takes me to scenes such as the bar fight between Dwayne and William and another big bar dance which I have not seen before. Also witness fight between Andy and Badland Jack in the woods. And while trying to follow Stanford for his 1 to 1 which takes place after spying on Wendy’s medical and some set up work for Frankie’s initiation in the masonic temple. I missed out on that twice having followed him from the cinema all the way down two times. Also missed out on badland jack’s trailer 1 to 1 twice and his motel reception once. But there is an intense scene with Badland Jack trying to hang himself but it was intervened by Mr Tuttle, the toy shop owner in the chess room in the middle of the town high street. So it’s a mixed evening but plenty more opportunities for filling in the gaps.


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