This multimedia one on one show has Claire talking to the audience about the fickle nature of young friendship. Incorporating social media and video clips, the innocent and heartfelt Claire met Andrew and their friendship grew apart as quickly as it blossomed. It examines the depth of a friendship as well as the unpredictability of life. It is a great start as you are offered a selection of sweets which enhances the teenage youthfulness of Claire. Being a one on one show, Claire Gaydon is engaging and warm with a great teenage lack of concentration and tells the story in one breath. But the remotely operated screen content makes the stage technician’s presence all too real which disengages the elements of one to one connection. But it does have the added smoothness as Claire is free to carry on with her story and not have to be distracted by the power point type presentation. The show also bring in the audience’s perspective and it leaves you with a sense of nostalgia about lost friendship which can be thoughtful and a little sad.


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