Review of the first six visits can be viewed from the link below and this short diary of events for the 7th visit contain SPOILERS:


Having arrived without a plan, I come across the assistant to Ms Grey played by Katie McGuinness (my dustwitch in a previous visit) with her seductive eyes. Even though I have previously experienced the whole loop with the Assistant, it may be fun to follow a different actor in the same role. Also, having missed the “audition” 1 to 1 previously is another motivation to follow her again. McGuinness’ amazing eyes came to life in the audition 1 to 1 highlighted by the strong strobe lighting. The other 1 to 1 in the dark with the doctor is different to that in the past when it was the doctor shining a light from behind and surprised you. The current version is in complete darkness and while dancing with the Assistant, you are passed to two other people and eventually you realised you are dancing with another audience member. McGuinness may not be as great as a dancer as Fania Grigoriou, she makes up for it with her acting and coldness.

A short interlude with Badland Jack (David Essing) collecting a series of letters from the barman and grocer and opened the letters full of straws in a motel room. In despair, he went into the diner to be comforted by the dinner girl. Then he fights with Andy and through to the dance (hoedown) in the bar. Straight out to his trailer is his 1 to 1 with a shot of whiskey and a story in the dark.

Next up is down to find Stanford (Sam Booth), picking him up in the boardroom and the following passage of audition, spying of Wendy in cinema, then to head shot room and finally preparing for the initiation. Having followed this sequence three times in the last two visits, I know this set of movements by heart. So I position myself strategically and put on more distinctive clothing than previous times to help me stand out. All these tactics finally pay off and it is a pleasure being forced fed orange while being question what it takes to be famous.

I stay around for Frankie’s initiation and follow Dolores Grey for the rest of the loop as she is given the role of the old woman, injected by the doctor and her solo dance in the snow area. As she heads off to the orgy, I spend the last few minutes with the doctor and as he meets Romola to give her drug, I know the time has come for the finale and head off.

This visit rounded off pretty much everything I wanted to achieve in terms of 1 to 1 and so am happy to concentrate on the some of the main characters in my next 3 visits. Hopefully, it will give a different perspective than previous visits.


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