The performance artist Nic Green explores the relationship with her father and connection to her paternal lineage to Scotland in this show. Greeted by a bagpipe player as the audience file in, the first part of the show is a dialogue between Green and a father figure, realised by audience members reading from an auto-cue. This dialogue explores space and time, separation and reference to her one meeting with her father when Green was seventeen. It is a poetic, lyrical passage and there is a beautiful rhythm and emotive power to move one to tears. The second half is a rather more stirring physical theatre performance accompanied by three drummers. This part slowly builds up its pace with movements based on Scottish traditional dancing but with a distinct modern twist. It mirrors the dialogue in the first half regarding her roots and time and space represented by her movement and the drum beats. She traces back her life and strips down to her origin and to what she is and represents. While these two parts of the show feels distinctly separate in mood and style, the final coda just manages to tie the loose ends together. This is a thoughtful performance which has a subtlety and gentleness and power to move. It may not to everyone’s taste, just like the Islay whiskey served during the performance, but it is certainly rewarding.


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