Diary of the first eleven visits can be accessed from the link below and this short diary of events for the 12th visit contain SPOILERS:


This New Years Eve visit is my final visit and this brings a renewed enthusiasm for me. It is also buoyed by the fact that Katie Guinness is playing Romola which is a combination I have not seen before. So out in the basement on first lift and I walk up to the first floor before anyone gets there, finding her in the Saloon chatting to the barman. This then follows the character loop as found in the Facebook Spoiler group (shown below). Comparing to the Katie Lusby’s Romola on visit number five, McGuinness performance is stronger and there is a stronger emotional connection shared between us. This is especially true in the Motel reception 1 to 1 which her plea for help is particularly heartbreaking and moves me close to tears.

The second loop brings me to Kate Jackson’s Mary. After her role as the Seamstress previously, I want to see her in the physically demanding role as Mary which compliments the William loop on my previous visit. I find her in the Saloon at Conrad’s party and her loop is shown below. It is a story full of internal conflict and while the pull of Dwyane is strong, the sense of loyalty and regret is tangible.

The final loop is spent walking around following my friend which is oddly intriguing, seeing where he goes and what he’s interested in. That lasted until I got bored he disappears somewhere. This concludes my visit to Temple Studios and the ups and downs of each visit is altogether a special experience.

– Barman and Eugene Green direct her to Temple Studios. (Saloon/Grocer Shop)
– Works as secretary (Secretary’s Office)
– Gatekeeper delivers package (Secretary’s Office)
– Romola delivers package (Mr. Stanford’s Office)
– Gets changed with Seamstress (Studio 5)
– Conrad keys scene (Studio 5)
– Makeunder with Seamstress (Seamstress Dressing Room)
– Doctor forces Romola to swallow blue pill (Corridor)
– Romola heads to the ‘Canyon’ (Town)
– 1:1 (Motel Reception)
– Dies in car (Car)
– Wakes up and hides from Gatekeeper (Car)
– Stumbles through… (Motel Backyard/woods)
– 1:1 in Trailer
– Gets ready (Romola’s Trailer)
– Evicted from trailer by Badlands Jack (Romola’s Trailer)

– Meets Dwayne at Conrad’s Party (Saloon)
– Dances with Dwayne in studio 5 bedroom and kitchen set and given bracelet. (Studio 5)
– Caresses bracelet and wears cowboy hat (W&M’s House)
– Williams spots bracelet (W&M’s House)
– Dances with William (W&M porch)
– Dances with Dwayne (Car)
– Confronted by William about affair (Car)
– Goes to meet Dwayne at hoedown (Saloon)
– Has sex with Dwayne (Saloon)
– Distressed dance among trees (Woods)
– Begs William for forgiveness (W&M’s House)
– Murdered by William on sand dunes (Desert)
– Learns of Faye’s audition (W&M’s House)
– Danes with Faye and Dwayne (Outside Saddlery)



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