A beautifully realised storytelling show which takes place around the Battersea Arts Centre. The audience is divided into groups and sent on a journey to discover the story of George Neighbour. In the adult only group, there is a darker slant to the story and a no less involving part in piecing the whole story together. There is an atmospheric room of jars where memories as drips of water  are collected in individual jar and act as a moving and thoughtful message to live your life to the full. Soon followed by a magical hands-on experiment making bright and yet short lived light bulbs under the instruction of some rather charming talking light bulbs. The best of all is crawling into the beehive and told the story of a bee by Kazuko Hohki, delivered with such charisma which the audience clings onto every word.

This show sums up why the BAC has been named venue of the year by The Public Reviews of 2013 with their ability to create a coherent and high quality show in collaboration of a variety of artists that has long association with the venue. An outstanding start to 2014.


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