This is a glitzy and colourful adaptation by Headlong, filled with the aesthetic of late 80s of white formica and populated by the sound of synthpop music. Matt Smith plays Patrick Bateman whose sociopathic tendencies in dressing better and having a superior business card nudge him towards becoming a serial killer. Smith’s piercing eyes is a great window to his psychotic leanings in a well disguised projection as a functioning member of society, albeit within a hugely self obsessed circle. His singing role is not demanding and is passable attempt as a lead role in a musical.

The first half of a series of scene setters is visually stimulating, though it lacks any substance to drive the story forward. The second half improves but the lack of a suitable climax disappoints. Technically, the two revolving stages on either side of the stage and a lift platform provides plenty of exuberant staging and choreographic opportunities, something Patrick Bateman would have approved of. The sheer number of dancers/chorus and volume of the music would at least gives a full visual and aural stimulation if nothing else. But the lack of great narrative and memorable music means for all the flashiness, it barely sets the pulse racing.


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