Written and directed by Daniel Kitson and staring Kitson and Tim Key is enough for a trip to Manchester for the show. Set in a suburban street with Kitson up a tree, purporting to have lived in it for the past 9 years, whilst Key’s character is on the ground waiting for his date to arrive. The setup allows Kitson to practically hide from the audience and merely present as a voice whilst Key has to do all the acting as the slightly harassed and gaff prone lawyer. The writing is typical of Kitson and it intelligent and funny, with observation about the mundane but has a poignancy which few can match. As oppose to his solo shows, this give him the opportunity to argue both sides of a point and offer his full view on subjects explored. Key provide a more subdue role in contrast to Kitson energetic delivery. The ending provides a nice puzzle for the audience by questioning the reality of the story and the meaning of commitment, whether to do something for the sake of doing it even if it has lost its original purpose. There are a few flat spot here and there but it is an overall well written and funny play.


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