The collaboration between Cityread and Look Left Look Right has created five interactive, site specific works on the First World War. This particular story is inspired by the book My Dear I Want to Tell You by Louisa Young and tells the story of Reily who is a soldier on leave from the Western Front. As he walks around Kensington, he recalls various experiences from the trenches, the psychological and physical damage and his longing and feelings for Nadine.

The performance takes the form of an audio tour around Kensington as we follow Reily and other characters featured in the story. Suitably supplemented with nostalgic and atmospheric soundtrack, the trauma and melancholy of Reily is effectively highlighted. Though the narrative is too scattered to maintain interest and one is left with a collection of short musings to build up the story. But nonetheless and enjoyable and inventive venture to bring the sotires of WWI to life.


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