Diary of the first ten visits can be accessed from the link below and this short diary of events for the 11th visit contain SPOILERS:


This is a different sort of visit as I arrive with no plan and decide to follow the Seamstress played by the knowing Kate Jackson. It is not the easiest loop to follow as she has a bit of waiting around whilst others are in a scene and she does about three 1:1 in a loop. Her movement largely follows the character loop as found in the  Facebook Spoiler group (shown below). But it is worth investing the patience as she has a few opinions to share once she recognises you are following her. She makes judgemental remarks on what is happening such as questioning the ability for a character to remember their line in a scene. For her 1:1 in the make-up room, she puts make up on you and ends with a surprising illusion and a kiss on your cheek.

After the first structured loop, the next two hours is spent wandering around. A bit of time is spent in the Drugstore with the Drugstore Girl (Anna Finkel) where she dances with Andy, a scene with The Grocer and one with Miguel where he disappears in the phone booth. I was given a Lemonade and it was a nice time to spend in the Drugstore. I also spent some time in Studio 3 and it is interesting to see Harry Greener singing in there.

There is currently one more planned visit on New Years Eve and that will be it as I am struggling to find something I am interested to see. Hopefully, given it will be the final visit, it will be a special evening.

The Seamstress
– Helps during infidelity scene. (Studio 5)
– Sprays mask with perfume (Studio 5)
– Gets Romola’s dress from Mr Stanford by Romola shrine (Corridor by Studio 5)
– Asks mask to add bruises and nosebleed to picture (Seamstress Dressing Room)
– Makeunder with Romola (Seamstress Dressing Room)
– Finds and cleans up Frankie (Town)
– Helps Frankie get changed (Seamstress Store)
– Assists Wendy and Andrea in snow scene (Studio 4 – Snow Room)
– Helps Frankie get ready for locker scene (Studio 5)
– Asks mask to write a note for Faye and hang dress up (Seamstress Dressing Room)
– Visits Mr. Tuttle (Toy Shop)



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