Diary of the first nine visits can be viewed from the link below and this short diary of events for the 10th visit contain SPOILERS:


Since this is a Facebook Spoiler group  outing, I have decided to follow some of the main characters. My initial plan to follow William get sidetracked by The Doctor (Rob McNeill) since it is nice and quiet having arrived first lift. I am joined by two fellow group members and follow him for about 20 minutes. He prepares a large ink blot, the examination room and there is a short 1:1 speech in the corridor about my brain being infected and slowly turning into a potato… After William’s examination by the Doctor in the examination room, I finally manage to get his 1:1 in the consultation room after spending around 3 hours over the course of 10 visits around the examination room. So I guess patience has finally paid off. This 1:1 involves an eye test and a short story.

Getting back to William (Omar Gordon), I find him at the fountain with Andy and his path follows the character loops as found in the Spoiler group and reproduced below. The murder scene is a nice mirror of the Wendy and Marshall’s which I have seen quite a few times and it makes a nice change. Once again, this is a rather depressing story of a downtrodden man whose only support seems to come from Andy, his friend who himself is being treated badly by others. A haunting scene at the gate with Wendy is beautifully realised. And the sadness after his murder of Mary and the relief when he sees her again on a loop reset (or waking up from a nightmare) back in their home is truly affecting and moving.

After William, it is the turn of Alice Estee (Laura Harding), finding her just after the orgy. Luckily, I am right behind her as she heads to the finale stage for Marshal’s murder and I am taken by her to the front and she holds me from behind for the whole scene. There are a surprising amount of interactions with other characters and one with the gatekeeper in the most interesting of all because of the relative inactivity of the Gatekeeper. An instrumental figure in the rise of Frankie, demise of Marshall and making sure scissors are available for Wendy for the murder and there are plenty of them around. I miss her 1:1 after Frankie’s initiation as she chooses at random. While on the subject of 1:1, I notice the seamstress 1:1 for the first time which makes the next visit more interesting.

I have one more visit planned and that is likely to be the last. I have done all I wanted and the last visit will probably be spent wandering around tying up loose ends.

– Dresses and shouts for Andy (W&M’s Home)
– Table dance with Andy (Boardroom)
– Auditions with Andrea in front of Claude (Audition Room)
– Playfully seduced by Conrad on bar (Saloon)
– Spots bracelet on Mary (W&M’s home)
– Dances in trees with Andy (Woods)
– Receives necklace from Andy (by graffitti wall)
– Confronts Mary about affair (Car)
– Visits the doctor (Medical Room)
– Witnesses affair (Saloon)
– Beaten up by Dwayne (Saloon)
– Helped by Andy (Fountain)
– Mary begs for forgiveness (W&M’s home)
– Murders Mary on sand dunes (Desert)

– Directs Faye to audition (Secretary’s Office)
– Cleans scissors at desk (Secretary’s Office)
– Gives scissors to Gatekeeper (Secretary’s Office)
– Casting dance with Claude (Secretary’s Office)
– Writes Dolores love letter (Secretary’s Office)
– Bullies Gatekeeper and orders him not to let Marshall pass (Gates)
– Retrieves scissors (Gatekeeper’s Office)
– Directs Dolores and Marshall to snow room (Finale Stage)
– Drops scissors in pond (Finale Stage)
– Tells Frankie he was chosen (Finale Stage)
– Gives Eugene his Grocer role (Party Tent)
– Picks up scissors (Seamstress Dressing Room)
– Watches Doctor examine Wendy (Medical Room)
– Given Lila script by Stanford (Boardroom)
– Dances with Lila on table (Boardroom)
– Drops big scissors on table (Seamstress Dressing Room)
– Auditions Frankie (Studio 5)
– Changes into suit and mask (Basement Dressing Room)
– Frankie initiation (Masonic Temple)
– Changes out of costume (Basement Dressing Room)*
– Prepares/tidies desk (Masonic Ante Room)
– Desk-rolling dance with Mr. Stanford (Masonic Ante Room)
– Drinks and slumps against desk (Masonic Ante Room)
– Rolls wheelchair into temple (Corridors – Masonic Temple)
– Drags Mr. Stanford into wheelchair with P.A. (Masonic Temple)
– Attends orgy (Masonic Temple)
– Gives Dolores grandma role (Masonic Ante Room)
– Watches Wendy murder Marshall (Woodchip Caravan Park)**
– Retrieves scissors (Woodchip Caravan Park)
*1:1 with mask.*
* Takes mask to murder.


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