Wearing a high vis jacket and being dragged around Covent Garden on a busy weekend by  fairy tale characters will certainly draw a few odd gazes from the public. But this is all part of the latest site specific work from Look Left Look Right. The theme is Christmas and it could as well read panto. If you can imagine the characters in a traditional panto, mix with references to twitter, gossip magazines and a slightly loose plot of saving Christmas, this is pretty much the whole show. There may or may not be any booing as my companion and I are split up on our own little journey and meeting different set of characters. There are points where we are reunited and our misdemeanours are recounted back to us in quite an entertaining fashion. There are also a few brilliant jokes and the whole experience is generally great fun. Thematically, it manages to have a different perspective on the standard panto formula, combined with the commercialism of Christmas and turn it into a little adventure. It does not take itself too seriously and if you keep an open mind and ignore the lack of plot and go along with it, it should be an enjoyable experience and enhances the Christmas atmosphere.


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