This is a well crafted show of what can be called a very entertaining hour of non-preachy, non-judgemental feminism lecture. Christie’s starting point is trying to explain feminism is simply the a basic desire for women to be treated equally as men. The concept of feminism is often hijacked for more radical and militant use, probably due to media interpretation and headline grabbing sensationalism. The message here is all wrapped up in a charming and personable performance which can so easily be divisive and alienating. It is not the most structured or flowing routine while lingering on a section about Stirling Moss a little too long. However, that section is a great example of how Christie gets her point across without being cruel and nasty with what can be an easy target. This deserves its accolade for being informative with well set out arguments. And it may change a few people’s view on feminism which is a great achievement.


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