Another fruitful collaboration between Michael Grandage and Jude Law as Henry V, the young and determined king and his conquest of France. Perhaps not the easiest Shakespeare play to pick up as a one off as it follows the teratology of Richard II, Henry IV Part 1 and 2, the characters evolution have to be implied and mention of Falstaff can be confusing. Nonetheless, the staging and the acting more than enough to keep the interest up. Among the large ensemble cast, Ashley Zhangazha shines as the Boy/Chorus as the charming and engaging narrator. Jude Law is determined as King Henry and shows his lighter side in the final courting scene. The Christopher Oram designed bare stage surrounded by a semicircular faded wood panel wall is evocative of the period yet has the versatility to transport the audience from royal court to battlefield. This is no doubt helped by the beautiful and effective lighting by Neil Austin. This may not be as action packed as some other Shakespeare plays, but this excellently directed production makes it a very enjoyable evening.


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