A theatre show structured around a dining experience has the potential to combine the two pleasurable pastimes into something transcending, but this is not it. While the show itself is a little stop start, it comprises of a series of sketches which touches on the ills of mass food production, environmental impact, food gluttony, fussy eaters, resources and possible future solutions. The food served are there to challenge our expectation such as a savoury choux pastry, a sweet egg mayonnaise sandwich and some lavishly prepared insects. They are unusual yet competently realised served with songs and music and a running joke poking fun at health and safety. It suffers from lack of continuity and it is always going to be disruptive with all the food serving and wine pouring. It is a novelty of sorts and the production design is well done maintaining a futuristic aesthetic to the whole show. There are some good ideas but needs a better script to elevate it to another level.


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