Loud, brash yet sincere and ultimately good natured, this Foster comedy award nominated show is surprisingly big budget with a proper set with an integrated screen, “sharp” costumes and numerous props. It loosely surround the theme of Evel Knievel and wanders off to microwave and cats. The strength of the show is Helm’s interaction with the audience, his songs and the occasional one liners. The audience on the evening required a little encouragement in participation and his swapping of an occupant of a front row seat for a more responsive on from the back of the auditorium is hilarious. Given this is the last outing for this show, Helm takes his time with some segments and the encore went on for quite a time stretching the show to one hour 45 minutes which is longer than the available material can fill. Despite this, there are moments of excellence and just about coherence to the overall show to make it a very entertaining evening.


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