As someone who’s been tracking Sophie Wu’s progress on the big screen and small since her role in Kick Ass, it is interesting to see how her slightly deliberate style of acting translates to the stage in this autobiographical show. The performance covers a period of a few weeks when Wu was a 15 year old growing up in Edinburgh. It’s a typical collections of teenage crushes, school yard politics and melodramatic overdoses but it is told in a harsh honesty that is very refreshing. It bares all the humiliations of the folly of youth and all its inflated and mistaken self belief . There are a fair few strands to the storyline and none satisfactory resolved, true to being a reflection on real life. The ending is also a little abrupt. Wu’s slightly stiff and exaggerated style  remains and there is an odd detachment to the material despite the personal nature of it. The material is nonetheless effectively delivered and the ups and downs are conveyed well. It is enjoyable for its candidness and the light touch treatment despite some dark moments.


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