A beautifully constructed Christmas story combining the spirit of Grinch/Scrooge and a hint of a Christmas miracle makes this a perfect Christmas story for all. Polly, on her way to her mother’s house for Christmas accidentally ran over Nicholas, the bearded old man on Christmas eve and they set off on a journey together on Polly’s rental mid size motor home. The show is Interspersed with voice-mail messages from Polly to her mother, dropping hints as to her life in the past six months. It is full of Christmas related discussion from the origin of Christmas to the nature of tradition in classic eloquence of Kitson. A brilliant joke about Margaret the car exemplifies Kitson’s grasp and use of  language. There is an easy path for Kitson to turn the show into a real tear jerker but he swerved that in the last moment without diminishing the emotional impact. The simplicity and back to basic staging and story construction means it is one of the best recent shows of Kitson and a highly enjoyable one at that.


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