Love Letters straight from the heart

Greeted as guests to a wedding reception with a glass of Cava, the audience is sat along two long tables facing each other. A DJ station is at each end of the table, Jess Hoffmann and Richard Dufty play a series of music which surrounds the theme of love. Finding love songs may not be difficult but sets up the theme for the rest of the show. The next section is a series of letters sent in by the audience about their love for someone accompanied by a chosen song. The writing and content is amazingly beautiful and avoiding being overly sentimental and cliché. At times moving, uplifting and life affirming, the variety in the theme of love is surprising and the music intensify the strength of emotion. It is a simple idea but the execution has just the right balance of lightness and informality to it and make it a very enjoyable 80 minutes.


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