This new Japanese kaiseki restaurant has been receiving good reviews so far and on the day of the visit, it has just been named top 10 new restaurant in London. The small 15 cover restaurant has one set menu for lunch at £50 and a £65 menu for dinner. They will accommodate any dietary requirement but that is as far as they go. For lunch, the appetiser is a perfect balance of savoury, lightness and intense umami of red salmon, sharon fruit, yuzu with salmon Roe and sets up the meal beautifully. Next is a sashimi selection with a European leaning of subtle and textural seabass and plaice, sweet and soft razor clam and silky tuna. The third course is a warming and comforting crab leg meat embedded in a Chinese cabbage with mushroom in a delicate tasting and thick broth.

Moving into the more substantial is the lightly pickled mackerel, blown torched and topped with yuzu, served with a crunchy Japanese salad. The mackerel is soft without a hint of fishiness with a gentle smokiness in the background. This dish is a great contrast of texture and beautiful combination of delicate flavours.

The main is a selection of sushi with medium fatty tuna, salmon, horse mackerel, Japanese scallop, sweet raw prawns and cuttlefish. They are all set on little cushions of soft, lightly vinegared rice at perfect body temperature, yet with a firmness that individual grain of rice can be discerned. The desert is selection of home-made ice cream to choose from and the black sesame ice cream is dense with a satisfying graininess and a well judged combination of sesame flavour and a gentle background sweetness.

Combined with an attentive and polite service, this has to be one of the best Japanese restaurant in London and it excel in all departments. May it the bread and butter dishes such as sushi to the modern European style flamboyance of an appetiser which is deeply rooted in Japanese flavour and tradition. Outstanding.


One thought on “The Shiori, Bayswater. *****

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