This is a comedy piece where Simon Munnery plays all the staff of a conceptual haute cuisine restaurant to an audience of 8 diners. Munnery began as a door man with a boxing glove before the “diners” were allowed into the restaurant. After each donning a crown and a cape, the diners were sat around the table in full view of the bemused passing public. The show then structured around all the components of dining out from ordering to paying the bill. Obviously, non of these involved actual food but each dish was served as a joke/sketch which ranges from being a bit silly to quite sublime. There were just the right amount of participation from the diner and Simon Munnery carried the whole show with energy and verve which can be tricky with such a small number in the audience. Some of the jokes perhaps need a bit of polishing and editing but the performance and the imagination certain hit the spot.


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