This musical on life of Imelda Marcos by David Byrne and Fatboy Slim brings standard classic musical tune with an added baseline. In the newly refurbished Dorffman theatre, the pit floor is transformed to a dance floor with stages on both ends and moving platform all around. The audience is required to be moved around as the platforms are reconfigured. This is well coordinated and adds a little dynamism but ultimately adds little to the experience. The viewing angle of constantly looking upwards convey the sense of their status though that is already well set out in the musical.

The story begins for the young Imelda and her rise to marry Ferdinand Marcos until their exile in Hawaii. The story strands of her servant and the political rival of Ferdinand paints mixed picture of Imelda. The colourful and swift production helps to pass over some of the superficiality of the contents. It is not quite enough to make it engaging and or entertaining.


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