The art collective JocJonJosch brought their performance piece to the Friday Late at the V&A. After a few false starts with room changes and misdirection, the considerable interest in the show means the queue is too long for all to go into the second show and an hour in the queue for the next one. In the end, the performance is well worth the wait.

In the long Lunch Room of the V&A, the audience is lined along the sides of the room, lit by a single spot light from one end. One by one, the nude performers file in from the other end and gather in the centre. They each try to push themselves towards the middle of the group and the shape shifts as they push each other and grows as more of them joins. It is dynamic, raw, at times aggressive and it takes on life of its own. It is intense and physical, the proximity of the group to the audience also increases its impact with the smell of sweat and bodies. The shuffling of bare feet on the floor create a noise that is strangely organic. It is more spontaneous than their previous more choreographed work but it is an evolution in the right direction.


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