Colab Theatre created this spy experience where groups of participants in different teams are to investigate a mysterious disappearance. Using a combination of mobile phones, walkie talkies and an app, meeting points, direction and finer detail of the mission are instructed to the participants. The set up is not the strongest with some link to the 2008 financial crisis and secret government plan and the story is only relevant in the introductory video and the finale. The rest of it is walking around London and altogether having two or three characters to meet and a couple of items to collect.

There are one or two nice touches, such as how the groups are gathered. But the lack of mystery, puzzle, jeopardy and a sense of danger, along with a long wait in a pub (enough time for a couple of pints for the earlier group) mean it is underwhelming.  By the time the finale comes along, most of the participant have completely lost the sense of involvement. There needs to be more character interactions and better planned missions in order to make it a successful show of this sort and these are sadly missing.


One thought on “Fifth Column Ultimate Spy Experience, London. **

  1. Totally disappointing!!! This is not what I expected. There were far too many participants meaning that we couldn’t engage in the story. You won’t be resolving “mysteries” as you’re simply carried along by the characters and only a few people really get to complete tasks. The concept is good and with 10 or 15 people it could be exciting but with 50 or 60 people running around like headless chickens, it looses its impact and charm.

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