The entrance is certainly opulent at the Langham Hotel but as soon as you walk up multiple flight of stairs and enter the three separate rooms for the three short plays, there is a distinct sense of location for each. With the first play, The Pink Bedroom set in St Louis, then the southern humidity of New Orleans for Green Eyes and the New York penthouse suit for Sunburst.

These three plays set in hotel rooms by Tennessee Williams is linked by Charlie the bell hop who first introduced himself in the holding area and pop up throughout the evening. They are nice little short work while two explore relationships, between a man and his mistress in The Pink Bedroom and a pair of newly weds sparring for the upper hand and control. The weakest of the three is Sunburst where a retired actress is holed up in her room which two inept assailants work out how to prise the diamond off her arthritic finger. Though this does provide some lighter moments and humour.

The acting is good and the close proximity of the audience makes it feels like we are part of the action. Perhaps the logistic and moving around the building is more distracting than it should. It is something different and a chance to see three plays that may be difficult to stage on their own.


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