A group of amateur is gathered to pull of a heist, armed with code names and an insider to help you while inside the building. The group has to dodge CCTV cameras and guards and the idea is to work as a team to avoid being caught.

Developed by Different Engine with Theatre Delicatessen, the premise is promising and the space and decor is well suited to the task. It is as organised as it can plan for with a helper who guides us throughout, as long as the group listens and pays attention to the instruction. But not us. Two of us wander off without radio contact, walk straight in front of five cameras and that is within two minutes of the start. Then a few of us are caught by the guards, entering rooms while leaving doors open. And worse of all, members of the group are trying to be clever in shunning help and friendly conversations and regard those as a trick to get them incriminated, promoting a friendly debriefer to walk away and ended our evening quite abruptly. It is not the fault of the organisers as they have a well thought out show which caters for a wide spectrum of competency since even we managed to succeed by practically walking straight through the building without stealth or organisation.

The set up and initial chat is the highlight and those involved has the patience of a saint who may otherwise have abandoned us. As with other participatory shows, it is audience dependent and the format and set up help it to be one of the better shows of this type.


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