It is difficult for an hour long comedy show to be funny and has a coherent narrative story but this is one of those rare beast which manages to combine the two. This tells the story of a 10 years school reunion with its array of characters ranging from a weedy loser and his fascination towards the girl of his dream, a potential psychopath who no one remembers and a simmering feud between two ex musical band mates among many others. Played by Max Olesker and Iván González, they maintain a clear voice for each of the character and also self consciously make fun of the limitation of the format when it arises. The self referential comedy also spill into their own appearance and other aspects of the show. The comedy may be a little formulaic overall but the jokes are dense including an excellent set of geography related jokes. The breadth of comedic tools employed here is extensive: audience participation, puppetry, callback and others are all present. The only criticism here is that it lacks any truly hilarious moment or joke that will elevate this to an outstanding performance, Nonetheless, this is still an extremely competent and well written show.


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