A particularly popular Ibsen at the moment which can be seen at the Rose Theatre Kingston and Almeida at the same time. This production adapted and directed by Richard Eyre is a parred down and distilled version which brings a real drive to the drama. The discussions and arguments of those contentious issues are to the point and succient whilst retaining all the intricacies and nuances of what is still a very modern play. One minor criticism is there is a slack in the drama towards the end and looses some momentum. The beautiful and grand set designed by Tim Hatley with a luscious opaque glass separating the upstage front room and the downstage dining room mirrors the layers of drama. Lesley Manville as Helene Alving is outstanding with her intelligence, passion and steely resolve over her sufferings. Will Keen started slowly and quietly but grew into the role of the Pastor with his tortured moral dilemmas. This is a very accomplished production and probably one of the better Ghosts out there.


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