The 1-on-1-on-1 festival at the BAC brings short stories from around London, told by the very people whose story they each want to share. Individual story telling is performed in front of two audience members utilising every nook and corner of the vast BAC building. Each audience member has a specified and unique journey through a spectrum of stories, from an intense experience of being kettled in a demonstration to a moving episode of a few days spent with a dying relative. There are around twenty stories told but only six will be experienced by each so everyone will have a different journey through the evening. Some of the stories are truly heartfelt and the intimacy of the spaces and the audience with the performer add to the power of the stories. Understandably, the stories have been honed and work-shopped and the story tellers are well rehearsed in their delivery. This occasionally create an artificiality about the performance and prompt to question the authenticity of the stories. Also, attempts to link and unite the experiences afterwards seems forced and unnecessary. But these are minor complaints to a unique project and, at times, emotion evening.


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