This gripping two act play by Damien Tracy sketch out comprehensively some of modern political and social aspects musing one might engage in for a spicy round the table dinner party discussion. The first act deals with a politician recovering from his downfall after an affair with a south Asian Muslim mistress and being involved in her brother-in-law murder trial. There are debates between the ex mistress and now girlfriend as to their public appearance strategy, discussing the role of a political life, race and religion and its associated problems. The debate flows well and one issue goes to the next without feeling forced or overly analysed. The breadth of the topics is comprehensive without dwelling on a specific point for too long. All the arguments are made succinctly and moved on. Granted there may not be anything new to add to these well explored topics, but as a piece of summary of the current state of attitude and view points on this set of subject matters, it is a hard to better this.

The second act moves back in time and reveals what happened with brother-in-law’s family. It mainly deals with the issue of religion and war and how to reconcile the diametrically opposite idea of the odd acts of terrorism and a mostly peaceful religion. Given the long history of this subject from the crusades to the current sets of problems, this play does not seek to provide any answers but merely setting out the arguments. In this case, the play provides a well presented summary of the illogical reasons which people are radicalised to commit acts of terrorism. On top of that, there is a gripping drama which unfolds and it is absolutely edge of the seat entertainment.

This content of this play may to some be a cliché sets of discussion and maybe a little contrived. But with the quality of writing and a well executed piece of drama, it is a fine example of what theatre is capable of, both in terms of entertainment and as a piece of social and political commentary.


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