ENO recently announced loss of £2.2 millions last year and one would think they may go all out on this new production of La Traviata. They certainly managed to go all out with the set and production design and by all out, I mean all out saving as the stage was framed and furnished by a few layers of curtains, a chair and a pile of books. There was even a line in the second act addressing the “splendour” without any irony and caused much laughter in the audience. Bare stage aside, the performance from Corinne Winters playing Violetta was outstanding. Her control and range was impressive and had a great stage presence. The support from the tenor Ben Johson was fine but he lacks chemistry with Winters. The running time of 100 minutes is a welcome change and gives a good account of the story with enough emotional detail to satisfy anyone new to the plots. It is a good production musically and despite the radical set design, an enjoyable production.


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