Corporate incompetence, business ethics and modern life were some of the themes explored in this site specific performance at King’s College London and Sommerset House. The space used was interesting, utilising the vaults and underground spaces as a time travelling tunnel and it really showed the labyrinth like layout of the spaces under Kings College and Somerset House. The narrative sort of makes sense alluding to interconnecting themes such as technological advances,  modern life and corporate structure. All this resulted in a rather vivid image towards the end where people (manikins) were falling in slow motion outside a window. The whole show felt it has been work-shopped and pieced together and the result was quite hit and miss: while the beautiful underwater meeting room was excellently done but others were less successful. Also, there were a lot of walking around the interconnecting parts without much going on so the experience can feel a little disjointed. Nonetheless, this was a good attempt at the minefield that is promenade performance and it did managed to squeeze in a bit of humour into it. It may not add anything new but it was an enjoyable experience.


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