For such a gloomy title, it was a surprisingly humorous absurdist play. The plot concerns a couple  who constantly fights and being scathing against each other. An old friend visited them and was caught in between their fights and games. The play examined the relationship and dynamics of two people who seemingly fallen out of love with each other and somehow still stay together. The play, directed by Titas Halder, moved along at a good pace in this new version but the hostility between the couple locked in 25 years of marriage spilled out onto the audience and it can be quite hard edge and difficult to watch at times. It had an interesting ending and for such an unlikable and difficult first half, there were quite a few tears among the audience in the end. It was very well acted, especially Indira Varma, whose waif like figure shifted seamlessly from being the vulnerable victim to the manipulative and domineering self with a steely resolve. The elaborate set, by Richard Kent, ironically set out the functionality and decay of the old watch tower they lived in alongside a regiment base on an island. Lighting by Richard Howell made good use of candle light and moon light pouring through the windows. It is not a natural choice for the Christmas period but it invokes the feeling of what it is like on boxing day having spent a good few days with the rest of the family: yes, you do fight and bicker a lot but there is more to it that than.


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