The view is great even on a dull day and there is an all round view of London. The ambience is generally lively, bordering on noisy and that is overlooking the crying baby which I do not have a problem with. It is not as comfortable as you may expect but service was great and I was very well looked after. Food-wise, the starter of purple potatoes, parsnip, goats curd and truffle mayonnaise was a great combination of winter vegetable that had a freshness and lightness to it. The warmth and cosiness of the well cooked, almost crumbling purple potatoes contrasted well with the mild crunch and acidity of beetroot and sweet parsnip. Together with the creamy goats curd surrounded by the aroma of truffle, the dish worked very well. The main course of slow roast pork belly was moist and soft as expected and served well with the crunch of potato rosti which replicate the shape of the pork belly and godsend for those with even the mildest of OCD to judge the perfect portion for each mouthful. There were a few slivers of vegetable which ended up as more of a garnish than being integral of the dish which was slightly disappointing. I would have liked a little more of the kale to off set the fattiness of the pork (side order of vegetable available, of course). They worked hard to accommodate the wheat intolerance with gluten free bread to start and offered deserts on the a la carte as alternatives to the those on the lunch menu. The banana and chocolate soufflé was was light but lack taste of banana and although the chopped nuts which lined the soufflé bowl gave a good textural contrast to the soufflé, it had a stale taste to it. It was a nice enough lunch and by no means perfect. I would like to see the place a bit quieter and less busy but the food was adequate for a casual lunch.


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