Cinderella story held in the beautiful great hall of BAC, it was a reworked version about this girl called Midnight as Cinderella. This was a Cinderella who can do gymnastic and performed some impressive work on the aerial hoop; a self obsessed prince who would not be out of place in Made in Chelsea and featuring not one but two balls at the palace. This allowed for more opportunities for musical numbers and for the audience to join in, culminating in a rather impressive and choreographed piece joined in by most of the audience. It also had a fun program pack which came with a packet of love hearts, a balloon, a party popper, a packet of pumpkin seed for planting and the programme itself. The music was great, both during the show and pop songs they played before the show and during the interval and brought a joyous and fun atmosphere. The performance was adequate and although nothing truly impressive or extraordinary as a piece of theatre, it was a great night out and highly recommended for a group of friends to join in the fun.


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