After seeing Pappy’s show last week which was deemed to be inferior to this creation by Doctor Brown by the Edinburgh comedy award panel, this really has to be truly outstanding to surpass it. Let’s get the first thing out of the way, this is a non verbal, physical clowning performance at its very best. It was charming, expressive and strips of excesses and it showcased what traditional clowning can achieve. The show had a structure which builds up towards a crescendo of belly laugh which drew in different parts in the show previously and achieved the pinnacle of silliness which I could not have imagined. I was literally in pain with laughter in a scene which involved some gratuitous hugging/wedgie giving/groping. The expressiveness of Philip Burgers was impressive and even his bare feet were part of the excellent act. My criticism of the show is the beginning lacks the impetus to immediately grab my attention even though I was kicked in the back through the curtains as I was taking my seat. So, I believe Pappy’s was a better show because of the level which it kept throughout the show although Dotor Brown was technically superior and had better set piece.


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