Overall competent restaurant with an interesting menu which is slightly above your average michelin 1 star restaurant.

Starter of lightly cooked sweet onions with shaves of pear and a light cream sauce has a nice simplicity and shows the interesting combination of pear and onions. Second starter of japanese style mackerel tartare with a perfectly cooked, fresh grilled mackerel. It is simple but well done. My slight puzzlement is the nondescript sauces that comes with it but it does have the benefit of keeping it quite simple. My main was a deer with chestnut  parasol mushroom and figs, all perfectly autumnal ingredients and makes a fine combination of texture and flavour. Again, very competent but nothing outstanding or surprising. Desert was “a variation on lemon” which is layers of lemon flavoured mousse, jelly, etc which again was fine but nothing too interesting.

The wine was great though, it is a £49 St Joeph (exact label to be confirmed) which has a great red fruit nose and a deep palate of cereal which was very interesting.


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