I had a choice of two flats to rent when I was looking for a flat in Hamburg and one of which is a few doors away from Landhaus Scherrer. During my research on the flat, I had the idea of the restaurant being my local where I can pop in for a beer. I have since taken another flat and now found out it is more than a local joint. This Hamburg institution, ran by Heinz Otto Wehmann since 1980 with an old fashioned European classic dining room. The classic tasting menu includes a lobster salad with wintry flavour of mushroom, nostalgically served with mango. The poached turbot comes with the initially confusing pair of apple sorbet and freshly grated horseradish, but the fire and ice combination, along with the sweetness of the accompanying carrots and cabbage makes this a masterfully balanced and well executed dish. Their famous Crispy north German duck (Krosse Vierländer Ente) comes with a flavoursome and crispy skin and tender, confit like meat, served with red cabbage and red fruit, emphasise the 80s theme. Personally, I prefer an updated version but it’s nice to sample a 34 years continuation. The accompanying drinks are all included in the 198Euro price and they are one of the most generous with it. Bottles are left by the table so they can be studied and refilled at will, and excellent, fragrant, Brigitta Rust Sloe brandy at the end is a revelation. The superior service by Florian is also a highlight; he is relaxed yet observant and utterly charming. Though he has proved himself to be human after all with a slight lapse with an order. It is a bit old fashioned, even with some of the dishes are plated at the table. But the quality of the food can match any of the younger upstart and there is also the pleasure of the lush dining room and service.


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