Sam Simmons tells the mad, surreal and absurd tale of wind surfer adrift in the open sea surrounded by shark who dies in the end. But the ending or narrative is irrelevant as this set-up allows Simmons to shoot off in all tangential direction based on hunger/thirst based hallucination. These can be anything ranging from admiration/crush on Vin Diesel, his space going dead grandmother and horses. Conversations with himself and the use of the stage hand side kick are also well done. The physicality and imagery dominates with Lego figures pouring out of his mouth or the simply outstanding wet suit. His ingestion of all sort of unsuitable products will stay in one’s mind for a while. It is hard to recall any actual jokes as the absurdity dominates though it could not quite maintain the energy for the full hour. It is nonetheless great fun and certainly the creation of a brilliant and special mind.


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