A promenade dance performance which incorporates video installation, designed space and newly commissioned music. Produced by New Movement Collective as part of the InTransit Festival, the promising start of violin playing and dance in projected shadows is only let down by the terrible sightliness which continues to be a problem for the rest of the evening. The end of the prelude opens up the space to a paper maze with rolls of paper hanging from the ceiling dividing the space up. The paper also provides the backdrop for video projections with clips of films and busy public spaces. The music is lyrical and fitting to the venue and the other components of the performance. The dancing itself is adequate but limited by the space and the audience members who get in the way. These are logistical issues that will need to be sorted out as it directly affects the audience’s enjoyment. Otherwise, it is a stylish production that is beautiful to look at and a great collaborative effort.


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