This all night performance by immersive theatre makers Rift have the audience in groups of ten and the performance takes place throughout the 60s brutalist tower block in east London. From the dark car park to beautifully decorated flats where bars serve drinks and then transforms into dining rooms for an impressive delicious evening meal. The show is finished off with a breakfast in the morning after a night sleep in a cosy flats and bunk beds.

Scenes takes place in the living room of each group’s flat and other spaces in the building the proximity and cosiness makes it a special experience. It also heightens the intensity of some scenes though there is a constant awareness that one may get in the way of a scene because of the size of the space. There is a variety to the way the action is presented: such as through live action and video recordings in the form of rolling news channels. But the setup of being in some fictional eastern European totalitarian state with guards and guides in comical “compare-the-meerkat” accents sits oddly with the actual performance that sets the action back in Scotland and in standard RP accent.

The highlight of the production is the performance of Elly Condron as Lady Macbeth that is heartfelt and sensual. Though other performances are a little rough round the edges. This is an production that is great for a group of friends and an interesting way to explore an iconic building. Though it may not be the best way to present a play, It does give it variety and opportunities to explore the possibilities of staging.



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