This interactive theatre experiment from Coney brings together a live experience for both on-site audience and participants accessing through the internet in real time. It seeks to investigate the level of engagement, the possibilities of the interactions and the opportunities to bring the two together in an engaging manner. The premise of the show is based on this prophet Gavin who has visions of the future and we seek to explore whether or not this vision can be utilised. There are little tests and experiments which the on-site audience get to participate while the online audience watch through various different video feeds and participate in the chat room. There are also scenes where the online audience gets to alter the lighting or vote on issues.

Some elements of the show can work quite well if it has been refined and iron out some of the technical problems. The current show is quite rough round the edges, the premise is weak and the audience may not be aware of what is happening all of the time. Though the after show online chat is quite fun and useful to find out what each other sees in the show. Perhaps it can be developed into something that will allow for more control for both sets of audience that will affect their experience of the show rather than surrounding it through a fixed plot line. But then it begins to stray into the realm of gaming.


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