This glitzy and loud production is full of theatrics and maybe too clever for its own good. The outline of the original story is maintained and suitably trimmed to a running time of 100 minutes. But some of the relationships are fast tracked as to assume everyone knows the story well which in some ways in not a terrible assumption. The story of Winston Smith and his love story with Julia and most of the play takes place in a set which remains largely unchanged. The set explodes apart when Winstons is captured and that is an exceptional moment of design by Chloe Lamford.

The whole production can be thought of as a series of highlight scenes from the book all stylistically directed to maximise its impact while not necessarily having a continuity of tone and pace. Though some are effective, such as the two minute hate scene. The video camera is perhaps overused as once it has served its significance in surveillance and monitoring, creates a sense of disengagement for a live theatre production.

The production overall is creative and has its moments, though the discontinuity and stop start style may mirror the book, it does not make gripping and enjoyable theatre.


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