Mike Wozniak is in show business and he definitely has a show for us this evening. But before he gets to it, he needs to get something off his chest. His in-laws have just moved into his house and he is having trouble dealing with the mother-in-law. He continues to struggle to get on with the show as he is constantly distracted by things to moan about his mother-in-law.

A whole show based on the age-old stand-up subject about the mother-in-law can get a bit wearing. Though technically, the set is very well constructed with a set up that there is a show, and emphasising his show business credential and undermines it repeatedly. Also, Wozniak is a competent actor and his clowning supports the material well. If only the material is more diverse and tonally more upbeat, it will a really enjoyable show. Though it does run the risk of ruining the set up.


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