This plastic bag wearing comedy hip hop duo have their latest 20 dates run at the Soho Theatre. Their new show starts as they try to put on a three hour musical they have written but it was scuppered because their DJ has taped over the recording. So they had to fill the hour with their other songs while another recording is being delivered. That’s the set up anyway and they launch straight into their repertoire of sharply written and thoughtful songs. It may seem crass and riddled with expletive but listen carefully, there are some real gem of observations about religion, hobos and hipster, refusal to enter into the debate of abortion and a song promoting the idea of men having sex with other men. It’s all tongue in cheek and all accompanied by well made music videos which are very popular on Youtube.

Sight lines are not the best for a standing event in the basement of the Soho Theatre. The atmosphere on a Saturday night is a mix of passive receptiveness and loud chattering in small pockets of the audience which does not help with the enjoyment of the show. These are not the fault of the Rubberbandits who really put a shift in with their energy. One of their venue to look out for on their tour this year is at the Jacobean-style Sam Wanamaker Playhouse which could be a winning contrast in style and period.


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