Despite the cumbersome title, this is  exemplary show of anecdotes and personal accounts is brilliantly eloquent and no frill. The material altogether may not be the most cohesive as Donnelly moves from one incident to the next. But the delivery and buildup to every climax is a masterclass of a natural and relaxed approach that surrounds the audience in a warmth as if spoken to by a dear friend. It is the focus on details which makes these approach successful such as the prominence of a Professional Masterchef marathon on a tail end of a winter vomiting bug which grounds such anecdotes in ordinariness and yet delivering a blockbuster climax. Note the use of the word climax instead of punchline as there isn’t one as such technically. And despite a potentially show ruining disruption of a hen night outing attending the show by mistake, Donnelly manages the situation well while getting most of the audience on side. Apart from the suspiciously numerous stories taking place in a zoo, the show lack a thread or theme to link it together into a truly outstanding show. Nonetheless, the set is slick and well delivered, hugely enjoyable and with laughter that drives one to tears.


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