Salon Adrienne 1

This is my second one to one encounter with Andrian Howells, or rather, this time is with his later ego Adrienne. While the previous meeting is a spiritual journey in Unburden,  we are in a hair salon up the road from the BAC in the middle of the day. The experience is similar a trip to the hairdresser for a wash and blow-dry and the associated chat which is somewhat more personal and profound than your usual hairdresser. Conversation goes from childhood memories, smells to reflections on my own appearance. It culminates with a rather meditative Indian head massage which propels me to a pleasingly trance like state which I have never experienced before. Once again, Howells’ easy and personable manner draws out the deeper thoughts and rather personal revelations. But it works well as a form of therapy which reflect upon the function of hairdressing that may have more to do with interpersonal skill than their haircutting ability. I leave the show with smelling a beautiful mixture of shampoo and laundromat, renewed assurance about myself and the advice to buy a new mattress which I have been pondering about. At the very least, everyone will leave with freshly washed hair (unless you are bald) which is not something you can say with any other show you go.


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